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*  Version: 0.11
*  Date: 16 July 2009
*  Information: http://www.xduino.com/    
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Xduino is an opensource platform for allowing Arduino-like platform to overcome hardware platform limitation

More information on Xduino can be found at: www.xduino.com
More information on Arduino can be found at: www.arduino.cc

Thank you for downloading this from X Duino ARM Cortex-M3 ST32F103x library from web site at www.Xduino.com
These libraries should work with any ARM Cortex-M3 ST32F103x processor with any ARM compiler. 

I have tested these only with Keil RV-MDK compiler on STM32F103ret6

The example program is in main.c file
Additional documentation can be found at: http://www.xduino.com/

-Serial buffering is not yet available
-To get the delay() and delayMicroseconds() function working you will need to edit the stm32f10x_it.c 
then add TimingDelay_Decrement(); between the {} braces of the SysTickHandler(void) function.
If this is too complicated try delay2() with some number in the bracket.
(stm32f10x_it.c is generally distributed as part of the example programs for STM32F10x boards or from example codes
packaged with your compiler)

All files in this package (except STmicro.h) are protected under  LGPL or Lesser GPL with details in the COPYING file.

web: http://www.xduino.com
email: ram@pluslab.com
current location as of July 16, 2009: Bangkok, Thailand

 Copyright (C) 2009 Ram Narula