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*  Date: 06 August 2009
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Xduino is an opensource platform for allowing Arduino-like platform to overcome hardware platform limitation

More information on Xduino can be found at: www.xduino.com
More information on Arduino can be found at: www.arduino.cc

Thank you for downloading this from X Duino ARM Cortex-M3 ST32F103x library from web site at www.Xduino.com
These libraries should work with any ARM Cortex-M3 ST32F103x processor with any ARM compiler. 

I have tested these only with Keil RV-MDK compiler on STM32F103ret6

The example program is in main.c file
Additional documentation can be found Xduino Documentation page at: 

web: http://www.xduino.com
email: ram@pluslab.com
current location as of August 05, 2009: Bangkok, Thailand

 Copyright (C) 2009 Ram Narula